A legal dispute doesn't have to haunt you or your business forever

Consult a lawyer that will assist you in cost effectively controlling the resolution of your dispute through mediation/negotiation - or, if that fails, will fight for you with everything he has.

Settle Your Dispute Quickly and Efficiently

Hire a lawyer who will work for you and your interests in the most cost effective way possible in the Scarsdale & White Plains, NY area

Marc Stuart Goldberg, LLC is a trusted litigator who would first look to resolve your dispute through the significantly less expensive process of mediation/negotiation. I've successfully mediated and litigated many hundreds of matters in my over 40 years of legal experience. Call my office today to arrange a free consultaion.

Commercial Litigation

I'll work hard to protect your rights during a commercial litigation case.


I offer a complete range of federal and civil mediation services.

Arrange a Consultation with Marc Stuart Goldberg

Effective business lititgation and mediation lawyer in the Scarsdale & White Plains, NY area

Why work with Marc Stuart Goldberg?

If you're looking for a trustworthy business litigation or mediation lawyer to handle your case effectively, here are five important reasons to consult Marc Stuart Goldberg in Metropolitan New York:

I've been practicing restructurings, mediation and business litigation law law since 1975.

I'm a certified mediator, and I can help you settle a business dispute without going to court.

I offer competitive rates for top-notch legal services.

I provide free initial consultations for all of my clients.

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